Harassment Law (and a little more)

The purpose of this site is to collect and comment on cases relating to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (the ‘PHA’). In time, references to all important cases concerning the PHA will be available here with links, where possible, to the full report.

Besides cases which define how the PHA should work, I have collected details of any case in which damages for harassment have been awarded and listed these in a Table of Harassment Damages. This is available to help anyone who needs to try to assess the level of damages in a case. Note that the damages will not be huge and pale into insignificance compared to the damages awarded to celebrities whose privacy is invaded ..

As the PHA does not exist in a vacuum, I will also sometimes comment on (and link to) other cases of interest e.g. about vicarious liability or aspects of damages such as causation. I may also stray into procedural areas and sometimes go off piste altogether and talk about other things altogether such as the Colombia Caravana. Well, it’s my blog after all.

I plan to develop a helpful menu system to link to formal guidance but until that is done, if you have an idea of what you are looking for then use the search box to see if you can find it. Alternatively use the word cloud to the right to find cases or items on specific issues. If that fails then get in touch and I’ll try to help.