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Majrowski v. Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Trust [2006] UKHL 34

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Not actually from Guy's and St Thomas's ...

The seminal case (well, I would say that wouldn’t I) and said to be the start of claims for harassment in the workplace as an alternative to the ‘normal’ stress claim.

In practice, clear authority for the proposition that the ordinary principles of vicarious liability apply to tortious claims under the PHA and the source of some highly persuasive opinions about the nature of the conduct required to amount to harassment. Essential reading if contemplating a claim.

What is probably not commonly known is that after winning in the House of Lords, the claim was discontinued as it was evident the conduct being complained about was not sufficiently serious to amount to harassment under the PHA.

A small prize will go the first reader who can tell me how the Claimant’s surname is correctly pronounced.

Majrowski v. Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Trust [2006] UKHL 34



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