The Gordian Knot

The story of the Gordian Knot is a legend involving Alexander the Great who, confronted with an exceptionally complicated rope knot and unable to untie it, drew his sword and sliced through it. As a result, ‘cutting the Gordian Knot’ is often used as a metaphor for solving a seemingly intractable problem by finding a loophole or thinking creatively; ‘outside the box’.

The purpose of this site is to record and discuss the legal issues thrown up by cases of stress, bullying and harassment at work. These often have a long and multi-faceted history which can raise the possibility of many different types of claim. Tracing each of those, with its unique requirements in terms of legal test, time limit and remedy, can feel like trying to follow a single thread through the legendary Gordian Knot.

Strictly speaking, nothing will enable us to chop through the Knot but hopefully this can become a useful resource to find a way through.


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